Need help with hard to find gasket for weedeater


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Need help with hard to find gasket for weedeater

I need to know your secret/obscure sources for parts for decrepit, old weedeaters or, barring that, advice on hand-making an intake gasket for one.

Believe it or don't it runs great like this ...for now

These are from an 18-year-old 18cc Weed Eater Featherlite (XPWES 0183LT EM) that I can't seem to kill. Without bothering to prep it for winter storage by draining the fuel or adding StaBil or any other such measures, the first time I used it this spring it started on the sixth pull. On a sparkler plug that's at least three years old. Howya gonna throw out something like that?

There's no longer a mower repair shop in my one-horse town, and the only place I can find a replacement gasket online is Even they don't have the individual gasket, just an assortment of seven which happens to include the one I need. And it's about $13, delivered, almost half of that is shipping.

I've never done bidness with them before so I've got nothing against them, but $13 is pretty dear for one stinkin' gasket. I figure to buy a couple of spares (on account of I'm afraid this weedeater is going to outlive me), and there's no additional shipping if I buy three but that total still comes to ~$8 per gasket.

So, is there anywhere else I might find this part? Yes, I checked Amazon and eBay, joy.

Or as an alternative, what are the odds I could buy a sheet of gasket material and hand-fabricate a functional replacement all by my lonesome? Am I wrong in thinking the only part that really matters is the big hole in the middle? And all the others just kinda need to be close? I'm thinking I could make an imprint of the intalke with a sheet of white paper and so long as I take pains with the fabrication and positioning of that one central hole, the rest could be pretty cobbled up and it would still work.

Yes? No? Maybe?
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would probably just make one like you suggested probably wouldn't even bother buying gasket material but just look for some thin non corrugated cardboard from a cereal box or something.
the large intake and the small hole right below its the only ones you really need to match up well and the bolt holes those 3 could be made with a hole punch likely very easily then you just have to cut out the larger intake hole with a utility knife.
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There are several gaskets with the same bolt pattern and holes in other trimmers and applications. The carb bolt pattern is the same on most older trimmers, check the local mower shop, they probably have one. Make sure it has the tiny hole on the side. If the throat size is smaller, trim it. If it's bigger, leave it alone and put it on. I have a handful of them at my shop.
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A cereal box? I'd never have guessed that one. Definitely cheaper than than getting gouged for shipping for three ounces of gaskets.

Much obliged, gents.

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