Crank case breather saturating air filter with oil


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Crank case breather saturating air filter with oil

Hi all i have a new problem thats come up on a groundsmaster 3100, 18hp Vanguard V-twin briggs and stratton engine.

It was leaking from the crankcase gasket, and i resolved that by installing a new one and while i had engine out i cleaned gunk out of breather tube, at the time i didnt think it was a full clog but now im thinking it may have been.

Thing ran great for a day after, then started missing and running poor, upon inspection found the air filter and air filter housing had a good amount of oil in them, enough to restrict air flow(runs great again with filter off so for sure was that). I put a new filter in thinking maybe the old filter already was cloghed a bit creater higher than nornal vacum in the intake and thus sucking in more oil up the breather, but it too was clogged within a day of use. At this point i suspected blowby from a cylinder or both was pressurizing crankcase and spitting oil up the breather, but compression test yielded 150 and 155psi on the cylinders, and i can easily put my thumb over the breather tube when running at full rpm without almost any preasure felt, just a continous light "puff puff puff" from it which i presume is normal.

I have at this point just routed the breather to open air, and sealed its hole into the air filter housing, i cant leave it like this however as this machine has vibratory roller attachments used on our golf courses putting greens, even one drop of oil onto the greens is too much to leave occuring for long. I can attempt to get a catch can and filter and deal with it that way, but any idea what would cause this if its not blowby? Ive poured throw the vanguard enfine manual and did not find anything pertinent.
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Oh and its not overfilled with oil, was one of the first things i checked
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I think there is supposed to be a foam mesh at the entrance to the breather to catch the splashing and keep it in the crankcase. Have a good one. Geo

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