Homelite 26cc trimmer starts without applying the throttle but dies when you do


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Homelite 26cc trimmer starts without applying the throttle but dies when you do

I own a 26 cc Homelite string trimmer model U T33600A. I purchased it last summer, and had no issues with it. I didn't know the proper storage technique, which I now do, and left the fuel mixture in the tank all winter. This summer I realized that was a mistake and drained it and put in new fuel. I also cleaned the spark plug and removed the carb and the primer bubble to clear the fuel lines. Now the trimmer will start in either the "start" or "run" choke position after you prime it via the bubble. The odd thing is that it starts without having the throttle trigger pulled. Idles pretty well but dies when you apply the throttle. In the "start" position you can pull the trigger slightly and it will rev enough to make the string turn about 1/2 power but will die if you give it any more throttle. In the "run" position the engines dies with almost the slightest pull of the trigger. Any ideas, would be much appreciated.
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It's not getting fuel. Try adjusting the mixture screw out a little first. If that doesn't help......

You can put a kit in the carb, or replace the carb almost as cheap. Or, since you can get it started, try putting about 2 ounces of Sea Foam in a pint of fuel/oil mix and that may clean it out, if residue or varnish is the problem.

If the diaphragms have gotten stiff, you're back to putting a kit or new carb in it.
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Sounds like an air leak to me, with the engine running spray/dribble carb/brake parts cleaner behind the carb and along the mating surfaces if the engine tempo changes you have a leak and can take the appropriate action. Have a good one. Geo
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Order a new carb online. They're easy to install and costs almost as little as a tune-up kit. The little jets get clogged and cause all kinds of problems. I wish I had known this years ago. I threw away a 2-cycle tiller and a couple of trimmers that would probably still be running if I'd just ordered a new carb. I just got a new one for my Troy-Bilt tiller for $22.00, including additional primer bulbs and line.
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SamC130, years ago the carbs were expensive it wasn't until recent years when the "knockoffs" became available that they became inexpensive. Have a good one. Geo

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