My Toro mower suddenly quit - thoughts?


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My Toro mower suddenly quit - thoughts?

I have a Toro Recycler about 9 or 10 years old. I've changed the oil in it maybe 5 times but haven't maintained it as well as I probably should. Last oil change and new spark plug was spring 2016. I saved the old spark plug because it still had some life in it. All season, it has taken about 3 pulls to get the engine running.

Yesterday I poured new gas into the tank and fired it up. Started normally (took 3 pulls) and ran for about 1 minute and then abruptly died. Was not making any unusual noise at the time. Now I can't get it to start. Doesn't even make noise when I pull the cord like it is trying to start. Blade is not obstructed and still rotates by hand.

My first thought was spark plug, so I put the old spark plug in from before the last tune up. No difference.

Thoughts? I don't want to put significant money into fixing up this mower because I planned to get a new one next season anyway (hence not bothering with the spring tune up this year). But if this is a cheap fix I'd gladly do that so I can get through the rest of the season and sell it for a little money next spring!
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Does it have compression? Might just be some water that got poured in when you filled the tank before starting.
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Doesn't really sound like it, because some air will usually get through eventually so that it will start again after a bit, but try loosening your gas cap. Sometimes they get dirty, not allowing it to vent, leaving you with a vacuum in the tank.
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It died shortly after filling the tank and hasn't started since. Water in a carburetor doesn't dry out, it sits in the bowl. It's heavier than gas, so it stays there in the bottom, clogging the jet.
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What engine does it have?
edit: (cheese posted while I was contemplating )
Dribble some fuel or a short squirt of starting fluid in the carb, if it fires then it is most likely fuel/carb related, if not and by chance it is OHV, pull the valve cover see if the rocker arms and pushrods are still in place.

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