Need quick advice on small engine


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Need quick advice on small engine

We have Hurricane Irma coming soon and I have an issue with my generator. Two weeks ago I replaced the gaskets, pin, and needle on my wheel house 5550 generator. I started it, ran it for a few minutes, turned the gas shutoff off and all was fine with no leaks. Here it is two days before the storm, and I take the generator out to hook it up to test it to power up the breaker panel. It started fine. When I shut it down, the gas started to pour out until I turned the shutoff the valve off. Then when I turned the valve on(not starting it of course) , the gas started to flow out at a quick rate. Then I shut it off again. Then when I take the carb off and spill the fuel out of it and it will start and the same issue with the gas pouring out once I stop the engine. The same process. It don't seem to leak once running. I have a hurricane on the way and once I loose power, I need to get something going. Is it safe to say that as long as I don't shut it down I'm good? Does this mean the needle is not seating when I shut the generator down? Certainly no way to get parts. Anything I can do for a fix. Many thanks everyone.
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Without knowing what engine it has it is difficult to make suggestions, most likely the seat is failing or the float has a hole in it and is a sinker, post what engine it is and maybe someone can help. Have a good one. Geo
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Had a power washer that I had not used in a while. Poured gas in and it just ran right through and out the carb. Turned out the float was stuck in the open position. Cleaned it up, hit it with some carb cleaner and it operated again. Hope this helps.
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Took the entire carb apart this morn, spray cleaned with carb cleaner. Float is without a doubt not stuck. I even submerged the float in water, and no holes. It moves perfectly. I'm assuming it is the needle. This particular needle has the rubber tip on the end. Is it not seating? I used a magnifying glass and examined it, and it's in perfect shape. Could there be an o-ring that's missing? Is there a quick temp fix to stop the leaking? Many thanks for your help guys.
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There is the needle and seat. If either is worn or scratched then it can leak. I like to have the bowl off the carb and open the fuel shutoff valve. Fuel should pour out of the carb. Then gently lift the float and the flow of fuel should stop. If it doesn't then you know you've got a problem with either the needle or seat. If the fuel flow did stop then I'd look again at the float. Maybe it's out of adjustment. With most carbs if you lift gently on the float is should stop parallel to the bowl flange. If the float is above or below then you usually bend the tabs on the float that hold the needle or you replace the float.
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Well I know this is a late post since the storm has past you already.

I just finished one today for a customer. His had a Nikki carb with the noodle type gasket.

Ok you can make do with it running and not worry about the carb leaking. Be sure to shut the fuel valve off when you shut it down, Your seat is bad or varnished so bad that you have issues with that part.

Just keep adding fuel to it and you should be OK ~!~!

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