Clean it or replace gas tank


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Clean it or replace gas tank

MTD 216410372 tiller with B&S 135202-0258-01 engine

I borrowed this tiller from a friend but it clearly has not been used in a very long time. The gas take still has some very foul smelling gas. I removed the tank and carb and there is visible crud in the tank and on the feed tube from the carb to tank. I I thought about just dumping the fuel in the tank and washing it in a parts cleaner (maybe with some nuts and bolts to bang around inside it) The problem is that the tank seems to have some type of mesh or netting inside it. I am nt sure if I should be removing it and if I do, do I need to replace it? The tank seems to have some baffles so I can't see the entire tank from the opening. Question #1 is: can I clean this tank and carb - if so, how do I go about it? The crud is really hard and thick.

Question #2 is more straightforward. Can i replace the tank and carb for a reasonable cost? So far I only see each listed for about $150 each which is just not practical. Are there aftermarket or non-oem parts that I can use?

Update: I was able to find carbs or $17-$25 on ebay so now the challenge is really the tank.


- Peter

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I'd clean the tank with a mixture of white vinegar, baking soda and water. I don't know anything about the availability of replacement tanks.
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Does the Friend from whom you borrowed this tiller know that it doesn't work in its current condition ?

I wouldn't do any work on it without that acknowledgement.

Unfortunately, these kinds of borrowed items often turn into something akin to Uncle Remus's Tar Baby.

Out of curiousity, what are you tilling at this time of year ?
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Not to get off topic since I still have a corroded gas tank, but I am trying to get some new grass seed growing in place where I have had no luck in the past. My treelawn has several large areas that are very compacted and either mostly bare or full of weeds. I plan to loosen the soil and reseed those spots. I did a few smaller areas with a shovel and they look to be coming in nicely but I just can dig, loosen and turn over that much dirt myself.

As for the owner of the tiller, it is a coworker that is now aware of the problem. I told her I can probably fix it but not sure if I want to invest the time and money (mine especially) just to run it for a couple hours. Now if she is willing to let me keep it since it is worthless to her in its current condition, then we may have a deal. She clearly hasn't used it is years and does not appear to going forward.

- Peter

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