JD L110 Issue


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JD L110 Issue

Another issue with my JD L110 (Koehler Command / Hydrostat). The tractor has been difficult to start. The engine will not start on choke, I have to turn it over a few times on choke and then switch to full throttle to get it to start. Gas will sometimes even blow out of the exhaust. Once started, the engine runs/idles very rough. Seems like every other second it wants to stall. The throttle seems to almost "bounce". It also seems to be running very hot; the exhaust pipe is white.

Any suggestions?
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99% of small engine issues are the carburetors. Sounds like a rebuild or replace is due!
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I agree 100%, been using ethanol fuel?
Little late now but find a place that sells non ethanol gas and have far less issues in the future, or at least add an additive that counteracts the effects of it .
Ethanol soaks up water, and destroy's the fuel lines.
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It sounds like your carb is leaking gas into the cylinder while it's not in use. A new needle may fix it but I have found many that require a new carburetor to stop the problem. Check your oil, if it's gassy, change it.

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