Craftsman power washer surges and dies after 10 minutes.


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Craftsman power washer surges and dies after 10 minutes.


I have a Craftsman Power Washer Mod. #580750401. 1.9 GPM with a Briggs and Stratton 5.5HP engine. The washer operates perfectly for the first 10 minutes but surges and eventually stalls after it warms up. When I release the trigger on the wand the engine runs fine, but starts to surge immediately after the trigger is depressed. I always purge the air from the unit before starting it when all hooked up. Engine ok, oil, gas, etc. Was used for 3 days last year about 3 to 4 hours each day and put pump saver in the pump before it was stored. I've taken out and cleaned the unloader valve and thermal relief valve. Clueless about what to do next. Is it possible for pumps to overheat? Are they easy to rebuild if needed?
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Try loosening the gas cap. The ten minute thing matches a plugged cap.

The surging indicates it's starting to run out of fuel, then dies.

It would also run better with no load, then act up when loaded with restricted fuel.
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Already checked. Gas is full, no pressure build-up or suction in the tank. It only stalls if I don't release the trigger when it starts surging. Fuel was stabilized before storage. Learned that lesson after a stuck float in an edger left unwinterized. Thank You for answering!

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So for the first 10 minutes it runs fine with full pressure? Is the screen on the inlet plugged?how easy is it to separate the pump from the motor to see how it runs ? Is the governor operating correctly?
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Screen not blocked, checked that first thing. Governor ok. Keeps idle without overrevving. Guess we're down to the pump. Looks fairly easy to remove. I'll keep y'all informed and Thank You for the reply!
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Still sounds like engine to me if it starts surging before it dies. Fuel flow to the carb is insufficient IMO.

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