Kohler Courage 24 Running Problem


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Kohler Courage 24 Running Problem

Hi All,

I have a Kohler Courage 24HP on a Husqvarna RZ5424 with what I think is a strange problem. A couple months ago the engine started to cut out or almost stall while mowing. Shutting off the blades did nothing--it would continue to almost stall. It always started well, and the plugs and air filter were new. One strange thing is that the problem only occurred after the engine had run long past where I would have thought it would be fully warmed up. I thought I had a clogged fuel filter. Where we live we had a problem with insects called earwigs (about an inch long) and quite a few of them had somehow gotten into my fuel tank. I thought they might be breaking up and clogging the fuel filter. I cleaned out the fuel tank very well, and replaced the fuel filter several times. Each time things would work for a while (an hour or so), then all of a sudden would come the hesitation and near stalling.

I have no idea what would cause this anymore. Any ideas would be much appreciated.
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Sounds like the fuel cap might be clogged with one of those bugs, try running it with the cap remover or loose to see if the problem improves. Have a good one. Geo
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Without spec # of the engine I have no idea if you have one or two coils.
Pull the spark plugs and note their condition...If you have two coils one might be failing, if not there could still be an issue with a lead...

when it stalls is there any smoke? Color if so?
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How old is the mower? Have you verified that you are getting spark to the spark plugs when the machine is hot and acting up? Have the valves ever been adjusted?

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