Snapper LT200 starting issues


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Snapper LT200 starting issues

Here's the deal. Engine will not start by turning key to start but you can turn the key to on position and jump across the solenoid and it will start. I have replaced the solenoid thinking it to be bad, no help. I checked the switch with an Ohm/volt meter, all appears to be correct, 12V goes to the starter in the "start" position. When jumping across solenoid to start engine, brake must be engaged or locked, so I know that safety switch works. If you get off seat when mower is moving, engine dies. That safety switch works. What am I missing? what else could cause the engine to NOT START with the switch? Thanks.
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Besides for the Brake being applied and the weight on the Seat, is there a another safety switch for the Blades being disengaged ?
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If it will start and run with the parking brake being set and the seat UN-Occupied, then the blade switch is not the problem either.

What are you using for contact points when you measure 12V at the starter with the key in the start position? Does the solenoid click? Do you have a 3 post or 4 post solenoid?

Try a jumper cable from the negative terminal of the battery to the engine block or mounting bolts of the starter...

If you are getting 12V to the starter as you state then the only thing that makes sense to me at this point is a connection, you might be getting enough voltage to read on a meter but not enough amps to run the starter, jumping the solenoid is like striking and arc on a welder and might be masking the problem.

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