Motor siezed - repair, replace, or throw out?


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I've got a self-propelled push mower with a siezed Tecumseh motor. There was miscommunication regarding oil, resulting in the siezing of the motor. (When we pull the cord, it doesn't move.) Is it possible to repair? Is it worth replacing? Or do we need to go buy a new mower? (We bought this one new last summer. I'm not sure, but the price that comes to mind was $250-$300.)

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A big 10-4 on the GO BUCKEYES!!

When you remove the spark plug and pull the cord will it turn over? Will the blade rotate with the sparkplug removed?

Can you share what you mean by a miscommunication on the oil?
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Hello: gobuckeyes

If the engine has really seized up do to lack of oil, you can remove the cyclinder head and inspect the bore for damage. <Score marks>

However, be positive the engine has seized up and not due to some other reason. It is possible to recover an engine after a lite seizure but most likely not worth the time and repair costs.

If the engine is a goner, replace it or replace the entire mower if the deck and other parts are old.

But do not toss the engine until you tear it down and determine which is the failed part or parts.

This seized up engine would be your golden opportunity to learn "hands on" about the internal workings of an engine, view the parts, etc. if you have never seen one on the inside.

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Thanks for the advice.

The "miscommunication" had to do with with my husband and I communicating regarding the need to check the oil and add gas (and assumptions made by both of us...)
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Make sure the starter cord did not jamb.

You can ask my neighbor who threw out his "seized" 1988 Craftsman who's using it now .

The problem was a jammed starter cord and a build up of debris on the underside of the machine.

With a little TLC and some servicing, I have been using this unit for 2 years on my grandparent's 80x100 yard every week

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That's "jam", not "jamb". Too fast on the typing
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We just tried working on the mower (changed oil, etc.) and it still won't start.

The engine will move when the sparkplug is pulled out. With the sparkplug in place, it will also move, but it is harder to pull the starter than normal and it makes an odd noise (my husband described it as sounding like the oil is having trouble squeezing through an opening?)

Another thing we noticed is that when the sparkplug is removed, oil comes out at that opening and the spark plug is covered with oil. Any thoughts?


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