Electric snow blower


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Electric snow blower

I'm looking for an electric snow blower to clear my 60' of sidewalk. Currently I have a Toro electric snow shovel that can't get it done if there is more than a couple of inches of snow.

All of the snow blowers that I have looked at have a plastic, single stage impeller and I wonder how well it will hold up and if a single stage is adequate to push the snow through the chute. They are rated at "up to 10" of snow. Is this accurate?
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I know it doesn't sound like it but this is electric. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sIeL5ZpYPew Being east of the Mississippi you have a fairly good chance of finding an old Elec-Trak.
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I have a GreenWorks 20" 13 amp, single stage electric snow blower. It is rated to handle up to 10" of snow and it will do it but only if you are willing to go very slow and push very hard. Like your machine it's good for a couple inches of medium light snow and maybe 4" of light snow. Wet heavy snow and slush really bring it down and make it almost easier to get out the shovel.

Much of the work of my little electric is pushing it. A self propelled machine would be a nice step up and might get you by with a heavier and more powerful single stage machine. Perhaps a gasoline powered single stage would be a good option if you don't want to jump all the way up to a larger gas powered dual stage.

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