Ryobi backpack blower dies at full throttle


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Ryobi backpack blower dies at full throttle

RY08570 blower dies when i apply throttle. Other threads say to adjust the high/low screws but this carb does not have them. I've removed and cleaned the carb twice, checked the spark arrestor screen and ran acetone through that assembly, and replaced the fuel line from the tank. I attempted to clean (did not replace) the fuel filter and can draw air through it when i put it to my lips. Had a similar spark plug (not an exact match) that did not change the symptoms when i installed it.

If the primer bulb hose is cracked or compromised would that cause these symptoms? What else can i try?

Off to sell Christmas trees with the Boy Scouts- that will give time for frustration to fade!

Thanks for any help!
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Primer bulb doesn't operate using atmospheric pressure so if the bulb or connecting hose is cracked, it could be causing the problem by allowing atmospheric pressure to affect differential pressures needed in the engine . The engine uses vacuum to draw gas (which is at atmospheric pressure) from the tank. A faulty bulb or connecting hose could be decreasing the vacuum and affect the draw of gas from the tank. Replace the bulb and connecting hose and while you are doing this replace the fuel filter.
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What carb is on it? Most have an adjustment somewhere, even if hidden or made to accept a special tool. If your primer isn't cracked, then I'd look into opening the jet a bit or replacing the carb.
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Thanks for replies, I'll try a new primer hose and filter. When I took the carb off i disassembled it all the way, and the second time i was looking for adjusting screws or the "pac man" adjustors i'd read about.

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