Trouble replacing snowblower carburetor


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Trouble replacing snowblower carburetor

Please excuse the newbie nature of this question, but it's my first time attempting a repair and am stuck!
I have an old Sears Craftsman snowblower (sorry, don't have the model number handy) that last year was giving me issues (first it would stall out every so often, progressing to the point where it would not run for more than a few seconds). I suspected a carburetor problem and figured that rather than clean and rebuild I would just get a new one as it was relatively cheap. The carburetor is a Tecumseh 640052, and the replacement is an aftermarket one said to be for that model.
I finally went to install it today and realized that the choke lever seems to be oriented ninety degrees form that of the old one. They do however rotate in the same direction. Is there a way to change the orientation or can I get a different connecting bar (not sure of the proper name for this)?
Pictures attached in both open and closed positions comparing the two.
Thanks in advance for the help.
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I would take all the gas out of the old one. Replace the gas in the tank with new gas and add Sea Foam to the gas about 2 oz to a quart of gas. That will likely take any varnish out of the old carb and correct the problem.

Once it's running well add straight gas to top off the tank.

That new carb looks like a Chinese job and although they often fit as a Tecumseh engine OEM replacement when you look inside at the machining and fitment of internal parts they're not the same quality. The bottom line, they don't work as well.
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I guess that's worth a try. But is there any way to fix the new piece to work? At the very least to have a spare on hand or in case the sea foam doesn't do the trick?
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I just had the same problem with a lawn mower carb. I had bought from Amazon and they refunded me money. I than reordered and right one came in. Somebody in China installed it wrong.
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You could swap the choke shafts, put the one from the old carb into the new one.
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you might try removing the choke blade and reorienting the shaft and then reinsert the choke blade. I do not see the choke blade area to verify it.
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How do I replace the choke shaft? Using the old carb is a no go.

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Usually there's a couple screws through the choke plate into the shaft. Remove those and the shaft comes out. When you reassemble I would use some loctite on the threads to keep the screws from coming loose and going into the engine, which is a mini disaster.
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I don't know if that carb will have screws holding the choke plate in or not. If not you should see a total of three little tits, 2 offset on one side of the shaft and one centered on the other, grab with a pair of needle nose pliers and pull the centered tit through the slot of the shaft.
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Try the Seafoam first,its worked for me a couple of times

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