Craftsman Snow blower


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Craftsman Snow blower

Hi my snow blower is a Craftsman C950-52461-1 9.5 hp 29 inch. I bought it second hand and it work great, except this:
Often it stop moving, forward and backward, then I simply lift the wheels off the ground and they turn again, sometime I do it a few times and it start moving again. I changed the friction disc , clean everything on both the friction disc and the plate. What could be the problem. I assume if it was adjustment cable it wouldn't just move then stop then start again. it's very odd.

Any help would be appreciate. I know it's a old model, I read a few old thread about it.
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Bring up the parts list and see if there's a shear pin in the drive system.
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When you squeeze the drive control you are pulling the drive wheel into the friction disc. If that isn't adjusted tight enough... it will slip. A very common problem.

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