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I have a Craftsman Eager-I self-propelled lawnmower with a 4 HP (I believe a Tecumseh) engine. While mowing the engine just died as though it was shut off. It restarted a half hour later and ran for 10minutes before dying completely. The spark plug showed nosigns of a spark so diassembled everything down to the ignition module. I have good continuity between the center terminal of the ignition module to the spark plug cap. Cleaned up all terminals and now need to re-assemble. Any idea what the gap should be between the module and the flywheel, is this a standard setting for most lawn mower engines?
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Hello and Welcome scrufnut to the Do It Yourself Web Site and my Small Engine forum.

The air gap setting is: .0125

Usually a thin business card is about this thickness. You can also fold in half a printer paper sheet to be close enough.

Be aware that both sides of the magneto have to be equal distances away from the flywheel. Therefore, put the card or paper completely between the two parts and allow the magneto to be drawn into the flywheel.

Once you positive all is set correctly, lock down the screws and rotate the flywheel to remove the card. If you already have the flexible strip of OEM plastic or equal, it's a snap to get the distance set.

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