tecumseh starter


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tecumseh starter

need a little help on what to test next. the electric starter on my snowblower didnt work when i bought it. you press the button and nothing. no response what so ever. its like its not plugged in(yes, thoroughly tested power source and cord) no big deal, one pull and it cranks right up. but ocd and idle time have me fixing this thing. so i removed the starter and opened her up. i expected all kinds of char and busted wires as the outside is not so pretty. but low and behold all is clean. brushes look nice, all wires look to be connected and the coil spins freely. so my next thought was the push button switch. i disconnected the + and - from inside the starter and connected the tester. I pressed the button and the tester lit up. now what? any thoughts would be appreciated.
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Sounds like a dead battery. Has the battery been charged?
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Maybe the EectroMagnet in the Solenoid is stuck (or frozen) and needs cleaning or thawing ?
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This is the 120 volt starter, Right?? If so, check the armature for opens in the segments.. Take an ohmmeter (I like the analog ones for this) & put one lead on one segment of the commutator where the brushes run, Now touch all the other segments with the other lead. They should all show continuity..

Good Luck, Roger
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no battery. similar to one pictured here.

i guess ill spray it down with contact cleaner
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Did You check the wall outlet for power, it could be that simple. Have a good one. Geo
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Since the motor has brushes, there are components inside the motor or start button box for converting the voltage from AC to DC. There will definitely be diodes and a resistor. The components may be in a potted assembly that can only be replaced, not repaired. See if you can find a parts list and schematic online. Also post the manufacturer and model and someone may be able to attach this material in a response.
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Do you have a model number of the starter or the the engine?

You could just replace the starter. It comes with the pushbutton assembly.
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