Snapper self-propelled engine trouble


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I was needing a new mower, and a friend had a snapper self propelled that he had stored for a couple of years. I changed the oil, plug, and checked the air filter. After a few pulls, it started up and seemed to run ok. But after a few seconds, it died and would not start. Since I only had a trickle of gas in the engine I thought that might be the problem, but no. The next day, with plenty of gas, it did the same thing; It mowed fine for about 30 seconds, then would die and would not restart regardless of if it had been re-primed or not. Again the same thing yesterday. I took off the fuel filter and noticed a little crud on the intake to the carbuerator, which I cleaned off. It was no big thing. Any suggestions, or should I just give this one back and buy a new one. Thanks in advance
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Take the whole carburator and soak it in carburator cleaner.
I had this same problem. This worked for me. If it still won't run for longer than a few minutes, try cleaning again. Then (I would) try to adjust the idle screws (if it has any). Nothing lost if it doesn't work.

Good luck.
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Hello: jdub

Celltician brings up some good points. However, before you attempt the carb work, try checking the fuel flow rate. Could be a restriction due to a restricted filter inside the fuel tank or fuel line.

Also attempt to run the engine briefly with the fuel cap removed. If the engine runs fine with the cap off,
the cap has a plugged or restricted vent hole.

You could also add a few ounces of aerosol liquid automotive carb cleaner to the fuel tank, run the engine some to get the fuel/carb cleaner into the carb bowl and allow it to sit overnight. May help.

Use the plastic tube on the carb cleaner can to squirt some cleaner into the barrel and fuel inlet of the carb.

CAUTION: Wear EYE protection! The carb cleaner gets into an eye could result in severe EYE injury!

All else fails to work, the carb will need to be totally disassembled and cleaned. Be sure to write down where every part goes starting from the first minute you begin to remove the carb and until your totally finished. This can help save lots of time during reassembly.
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I agree.

It is likely that the fuel may have varnished over from sitting for so long and is gumming up the works.

But, always try the simple stuff first. I just fixed a Toro snowblower that was chucked because the gear case was making noise. A little white lube and some cleaning, absolutely like a new machine now .
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Cool Thank You!

Thank you to all who have taken the time to give me your input. I will try a little carb cleaner on it this weekend when I get a chance to get after it again. When I took off the air filter, there was a little orange crud leading to the intake, which I cleaned off. Is this what you meant by "varnished" fuel? The tank was dry, but that could have just evaporated over the last couple of years. I don't know if he left any in the tank when he quit using it. Anyway, hopefully by next week I'll have a perfectly good mower.
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Hi: jdub

Vanish is one of the generic terms for the residue left after the fuel evaporates. Gum is another. This residue, both gum and or vanish, will form both a gummy substance and hardened deposites both inside the tank and carb. Lots of it may be found in the carbs fuel bowl and in the carbs fuel ports and carbs venturi.

Also found in the fuel lines, filter and fuel tank. If so, everything in the fuel system will have to be cleaned and or replaced.

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