Noma/Murray Snow Thrower Problem


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Noma/Murray Snow Thrower Problem

12 HP 33" Murray-built snowthower. This morning I'm moving along blowing snow and suddenly I'm not blowing snow, although the machine is still moving along. I check the front of the machine and the impeller is turning but the auger blades are not. Just for jollies I tightened the auger drive belt but that made no difference. Could this be anything except my gear case? If it is the gear case, what typically fails? The web tells me this gear case is no longer available. I'm hoping I could snag a worm or pinion gear if needed. Do the Woodruff keys on either the pinion or worm gear ever just shear off? Could I be that lucky??
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There are shear pins that secure the auger to the shaft that have likely done their job or have worn through with age.
They look like bolts but are made of a soft material and will shear if the auger hits something solid.
With the engine not running see if the auger will spin freely.
Don't replace them with regular bolts.
You would destroy the gear box if you hit something.

If when you try to spin the auger and it is solid the gear boxcould be damaged or worn.
A sign of this with good shear pins would be the impeller spins but the gear box doesn't turn.

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