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I have a riding mower I would like to can I wash the engine with (Gunk engine Bright Cleaner)or do the you think it will do harm to or do you subjest something else please help.thank You.

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Hello Sal

EXCELLENT QUESTION! Thanks for posting it.

Many others reading the forum will want to know the answer too. The following applies to any riding mower or non riding gas engine powered mower or edger.

DO NOT attempt to clean any electric powered lawn or garden powered equipment using the method discribed here.

You can clean both the engine and the deck using any automotive engine cleaner as you would any other engine. Just be aware that the water runoff will kill any grass the mower is on during the cleaning.

Another cleaner that works well is "Simple Green." Much more friendly to the grass and mower parts. "Amway" also makes an excellent degreasser if you have a dealer in the neighborhood.

After washing, allow the engine to air dry for an hour or so. Then be sure to fireup the engine and allow it to run until it warms up.

You may experience some difficulty starting the engine. If so, pull off the spark plug wire and dry out the cap and plug top.

Just before cleaning, be sure the engine is only slightly warm to the touch or ambient temperature. Cover or remove the air cleaner.

It is also a good suggestion to remove the cutting blades and hand clean the underside of the deck to remove caked on old dead grass, etc.

Once the deck is washed and cleaned, apply a lite spray of any type automotive "Belt Lube" to the belts. Re-grease any fittings and apply "WD 40" or simalar type product to other moving/sliding metal parts that may rust.

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Also, try to avoid direct blasts of water in anything electrical. You can cover them with plastic to prevent this.

Pick up a parts cleaning brush for a buck or two and use that to work in the cleaner to help loosen up the stubborn grease. This works well.

Other cleaners to use: Citrus degreaser, Castrol "Super Clean", Foamy Engine Bright (or any variant of it), or any good degreaser.

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