Kohler twins idle/choke adjustment?


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Kohler twins idle/choke adjustment?

Most specifically on Cub Cadets.

I have had a rash of Cubs lately with Kohler twins that seem to crank an awful long time before they fire and some times in this weather not before the battery is drained.
I found all of these have the choke past full throttle on one cable, however the choke only closed maybe half way. So when I adjust the cable for full choke, then idle is higher than most machines (1800-2000rpm) So I was going to check the service manual for the cub and see if it had anything. Couldn't find the Pro shop manuals so I called tech and while I had them on the phone I asked...he said he had heard complaints, but we don't want the customers idling around....its bad for the engine...

I have always noticed Cubs seem to idle higher and most of them have Kohler's. Couple things come to mind that maybe when new they idled high and the owner adjusted for idle not realizing it affected the choke. Also as engines get time the loose compression/vacuum.

Now the next issue is, who is responsible for the fix? This is the question I am going to be seeking an answer too from either or both. Since Cub warranties the engines on their machines (where Husqvarna defers you to the engine manufacturer) they well better come up with a better answer than I got today.

Had a customer this month with a year old XT 1 that had had starting problems. Had it in last fall and I could not get it to NOT start. Brought it in week ago with same issue. It always started for me but did seem to crank a bit long. I found I could raise the choke rod and it would pop right off. So I adjusted the cable so the choke closed full...then the idle was around 2k...no other adjustments I figured just another cub. The owner came to get it today and yep it fired right off. Then I went to idle down and get ready to help him load....lo n behold....."why is that idling so high" I basically tried to sell him on what I was told BEFORE I was told and he was all good about it but asked if he could hear another one....LOL! I had one out side and went to start it and all it did was crank. Reached back and lifted the choke and boom!

Other similar ZTR's in the shop, Briggs and Kawasaki. Briggs had the same throttle advance for the choke which works perfect and idles about 1000-1200 rpm. Same idle for the Kawasaki with separate choke.

To end this novel and get to the point just wanted to see if anyone else has run into these symptoms with Kohlers on other equipment.
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The fix: drill a hole a little closer to the pivot point of the lever where the throttle cable connects and put the cable there. This makes it move a little farther in each direction so it can hit low idle AND full choke.

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I noticed different holes but all further away...before I modify though on machines under warranty...I need confirmation

good catch cheese thx
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