In need of a rototiller.

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In need of a rototiller.

Spring is here and my wife wants a veggie garden. (Vegetables Yuck!) Anyway, since a happy wife is a happy life, I'm in search of a rototiller.

I would like to have a Troy Bilt rear counter-rotating tine tiller, not too big, yet big enough to get the job done. So I'm looking at the Super Bronco size model. Looking on Craigslist, I found four of them from $450 to $600. With a 10% off coupon, plus tax, I can get one at the big blue box store for $673.

Would y'all bite the bullet and get new or save some cash and get used????
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If I had the time, and they were all near by, I would visit a few of these Sellers and pick their brains regarding what they had used the items for (and examine that area if possible) and what they experienced and why they're selling et cetera . . . . and then I'd go on to the next.

You may wind up buying at Lowes or Home Depot . . . . but you'll surely be a more educated Buyer for making this preliminary effort.

I bought an old Huffy 1960ish Tiller about 25 years ago (for about $20.00) ; one that just keeps on keep'n on and performs better now than it did when I acquired it.

That's my story.
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Try calling a rental store. - You may get lucky, depending where you live. They may have different sizes that fit your needs. It all depends on your desired garden size.

They will get it on your trailer of vehicle. - You just have to get it back.

Trying to store one over the year is a real nuisance and waste of space.

I live in a townhouse and fortunately, I was able to get plot that had a water tap and hose for watering ($25/season). Often, someone else in the same area will have a tiller that will help to watch over your if needed.

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You can also rent these from farm and equipment places. How often do you really need to till the soil? Once or twice a year? In fact once it's done several times , you won't need it all. My father-in-law had a 50' x 50' garden and never had a need to rototill. The soil was so well worked that a shovel easily turned it.
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We rototill several times during the growing season, just to control the weeds in between rows.

It would be a pain to have to reserve a rental, and then, to also depend upon the cooperation of the weather.
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I'm with the people suggesting hiring someone to do it or rent one.
No way would I buy another new Troy Bilt product!
They have cheapened it up big time.
I bought the Pony and the pull cord broke twice in one year, it looked like cheap cotton twine. The recoil was riveted on, not screwed one so it had to be drilled out.
There no longer made so you can just install new line.
Any gas powered tool that gets used once or twice a year is going to be a pain to start.
Years ago we bought a 4 stroke Mantis tiller for our small 12 X 12 raised garden.
It starts every time and it's a Beast.
I find other uses for it so it gets used year round.
It can be used as an edger, with just 2 tines on I can make a border around landscape blocks so I do not have to weed wack.
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The mantis is an excellent tiller for smaller gardens. It really is much more of a beast than you would think. I gave up tilling and fighting weeds and went to above ground beds. I am never going back to tilling up dirt... beds are so low maintenance and I don't have to water or fight weeds. Compost and mulch, problem solved. Check out the video at back to Eden gardening... dont watch just the first few minutes or you'll have the wrong idea. (I say that because several folks I've told about it did that and talked with me later and had it all wrong, they thought it was all about tilling compost into the soil ).

I know that doesn't answer your original question though, so if you really want to till, get the mantis if it's enough for your proposed garden area. If not, I'd go online and find one of the old troy bilt "horse" model tillers from years ago. I'd rather have a used one of those than a brand new tiller of any kind.

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