Oil capacity of a 158cc Briggs & Stratton pushmower?


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Oil capacity of a 158cc Briggs & Stratton pushmower?

I'm trying to find info online and the closest I can find is the oil capacity being 48-64oz, a bottle is 20oz.
I drained the oil via the fill plug and about 1/2 out and I'm pretty sure I didn't miss that much oil.
The tags are all faded so I no longer have the model number. I know I can go by the fill line but then I'm pouring in a few oz at a time.
Any one know where I can find this info?
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I can almost guarantee you that it is not that much. My push mower takes about 16 oz. What I do whenever I change oil is I drain the old oil out and dump it into a used oil container. I usually check the oil before I drain it to ensure that it did not need a top up. If so I simply add that amount of new oil back into it. That way it never gets overfilled no matter where my mind might have thought the requirement might be or if all the oil did not drain properly.
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If you don't have a Dipstick (the correct Dipstick for that engine), Briggs used to put a little machined slot inside the filler hole (right with the female threads), the top of which indicates where the cold oil level should be inside the oil sump . . . . and when the machine is sitting level.

That "slot" allows you to add oil to the sump up to the appropriate level, without overflowing, because the oil can still freely enter the crankcase up to that point.
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Start with 18 oz. or .5 litre.

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I ended up pouring in an entire 20oz bottle, It's a little over the max fill line but I'm sure it'll be ok, thanks

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