equipment decals


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equipment decals

Restoring my dad's old Motomower for the wife, have it running like a top, and the sheet metal is off so that the wife and I are sanding and painting it. The shift pattern, whether stenciled or decaled, are long ago worn off, and I want to recreate them. But have been to the hardware store and auto parts store over the past week to no avail as far as something like 1/2" red vinyl adhesive letters and numbers. And for what I want to do I will also need some matching pinstripe tape, but figured that would be easy enough to come up with. So any ideas where I might find such characters? Or, I have already made an example on the computer to show the wife, so would it be better to print that, have her cut it out with an Exacto knife, make a stencil, and paint it on?
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Pinstriping tape can be gotten from auto suppliers and body shop suppliers. As for decals search for "antique tractor decals".
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Thanks. I google things regularly, just didn't think of it this time I guess, but took your advice and found a place that has a lot of decals and says they will make ones they don't have. I'll work my way through what they do list, see what I can find that might work, or else see if they can make one. That sounds easier than trying to line up multiple characters and short pieces of pinstripe tape.
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Not really sure of the look you are going for, but Brother makes a compact printer for labels that has TONS of options, including over 300 symbols. The machines are fairly cheap, and the label/print tape is available in a litany of color options. You of course can change fonts and font sizes. I know for a fact it has arrows (up/down/left/right) and you can easily just print one symbol and cut it exactly to desired size.

For the price of having one custom label or decal made, you could probably buy the machine and several packs of tape, which could then be used to label TONS of stuff afterwards.
I use mine constantly as I live in the deep south and the heat/UV literally melts all plastic labels from metal surfaces within weeks. Give one a look before you make your decision, its a tool that has a nearly limitless amount of uses. I am not alone in the fact that after buying one, I found myself labeling tons of stuff on equipment, in my shop, and all around the interior of my house, especially in our office.

The tape is of high quality and stands up to heat/UV much better than any factory label I have ever had come from the factory, for example the serial # tag on my new Kubota tractor was melted off within weeks even under cover. The tape is also quite water and solvent proof with the exception of penetrants or solvents such as brake cleaner.

FYI, the only complaint I have ever had with mine is that the batteries need to be removed when not in use or it drains them even when off. I have no idea if the newer models (that have even more options) have this issue.

Check Amazon, they have a ton of them.
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Custom Decals

If you have a Golf Car Distributor in your area, they probably can direct you to a Custom Golf Car guy in the area that uses a computer to make tape to stick on golf cars for a custom effect. You could probably get them to make what you need too, but it might be a bit more pricy that Pilots idea.
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Have you checked with any custom printing, engraving places nearby? We have a couple right here in podunk, and they make bumper stickers all the time. You might be able to get them to print what you want, then cut it out with a knife. Or...
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I found a place online that makes reproductions and thought I might be onto something, but they work only from photo's of actual decals, and since mine was long gone that didn't pan out. Checked some local auto parts, hardware, and office supply for matching characters and pinstripe tape with little success, thought about hand painting it, googled it a bit more and finally found a decal for another brand lawn tractor with the same pattern so ordered that Saturday evening. The tractor is going back together in fine shape, just working on these little details now, so getting anxious to get it wrapped up and move on to other things. Thank you for the suggestions.

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