adding a clutch safety switch

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adding a clutch safety switch

I want to add a clutch safety switch to a '65 Motomower that I restored for the wife. Easy enough, but I have a couple of questions. First off, I'm thinking that a standard off-the-shelf safety switch for a current riding mower may not be heavy enough. This thing has a starter/generator as large as a lot of starters on cars, and an automotive style solenoid, so I don't know but am guessing that the solenoid itself probably draws 8-10 amps. Does that sound about right, and if so would a current switch take that? Or would I maybe need to wire it through a relay? Secondly, as far as placement, I'm thinking that rather than a plunger type switch I would really like a pull type one with a spring, and I can picture them, but can't think where I've seen them. Am sort of envisioning the clutch safety switches used on earlier passenger vehicles and light trucks, and even thinking they may have been wired directly into the start circuit so may be heavy enough for the load, but can't recall for sure. Any thoughts in this regard?
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I would use a meter to check how much current the solenoid draws. Maybe you'll get lucky and it's what a switch will handle. If not then I'd run it through a relay as you mentioned.

If your solenoid is pulling 8-10 amps I'd hate to put that much through a switch rated at 10 amps. I'd much rather keep the load at less than 75% the switches rating. There are a lot of switch options with 20 amp DC ratings so you should be able to find something that will work.

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