Low power lawn mower


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Low power lawn mower

Push mower
troy bolt TB230
Briggs and stratton motor
The motor plate says 128M02-0007-F1 14033156 DOM MAR 2014
Self propelled front wheel drive
i think that covers all the specs.

The problem: operating at very low power. Not enough to cut grass. Any resistance at all beyond idling on a flat surface will kill the engine.

I was mowing and hit a stump. The engine stopped abruptly and for a while would not start back up. After letting it sit for 30 mins or so and coming back to it, it started to sound like it was firing again and after a dozen or so more pulls it started up. Since it has started again, it has only run at a very low rpm. It will bow start up on every other pull but will never get to full power.

What have I tried:
I first read online that an abrupt stop could jack the keys up. I checked the key at the blade side and the key at the flywheel side. Both are fine and aligned perfectly.
​​​​​​Then I read that if the keys are fine it could be an internal issue and thus very expensive. So I figured what the heck and I opened it up myself. Took the whole engine apart and inspected the internals for any problems. Everything looked great. Nothing bent or damaged in any visibly detectable way. I replaced the head gasket of course and put it back together and filled it with new oil and new gas. While taking it apart I also emptied and inspected the fuel tank which looked fine. There was no dirt or water in there. When I tried starting it again, it started in two pulls and sounded just as it did before. Low power and low rpm.
So today I just took off the carburetor and cleaned it out even though I can't imagine how a sudden stop on a stump could cause the carb to go bad. Still no change.

The motor turns and everything I have inspected looks great. I don't want to throw this away in such good condition... But I am all out of ideas. Somebody help me please.

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Change the flywheel key even if it looks OK. Also use a business card to set the gap between the ignition module and the flywheel . Good luck.
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Is it possible you pushed the mower under a bush or something and bent the throttle linkage, on a lot of Briggs engines there is a metal tab with a spring attached at the front of the engine if the tab is bent back it removes tension from the throttle spring and cause it to act as yours does. Have a good one. Geo
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I agree with beezlebob.

Iíve seen many flywheel keys that can appear to be perfectly aligned just looking down at them without actually removing the flywheel. The FW key itself can still be partially sheared. Could account for low power.

Geo had some good input as well.

Keep us posted!
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I pulled off the covers to get the the throttle. Played with the governor for a minute then found the plastic throttle arm that controlled the rpm's. It clicked into place when I touched it and sped up. Thanks for the help everybody!!!

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