15w-40 equivalent or similar? jack hammer lube


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15w-40 equivalent or similar? jack hammer lube

got a small electric demo hammer and manual says literally use : "shell rotella #40 (engine oil)"

I don't need much and I already have SAE30 and full synthetic gear oil 75W-90 and 5W30 snowblower oil. or should I buy a quart of something closer to the shell rotella 40?

I went into auto store and saw Rotella 40 I think in a big container and a small one that might have just said rotella, but not sure it was the same thing and got confused and have to ask here.

I found these specifically meant for electric jackhammers and on the bottles they say 15-40W.



15w-40 suggested would be thicker than SAE30 or 10W-30, and more so thicker than 5w-30 , correct? but not nearly as thick as 75W-90 gear oil?

if i find 15w-40 in the store does it matter if it's for diesel?
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The straight 40 weight motor oil is not in the same category as 75/90W gear oil. Those are two different animals. 15/40W Rotella would be closer to the straight 40W A lot of Rotella applications are for diesel, but I couldn't say if that's critical for what you have.

I would just buy a quart, either order it in at a store or get one from ebay.
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I'd put what it specifies in it. Rotella is diesel oil and has different properties than many other oils.
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I agree with Cheese; whenever possible it's best bet is to use what the manual says. Not sure because I don't have anything that specifies it, but think that TSC carries Rotella.
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yea the T and T1 mighta confused me in the store but they are both apparently diesel according to links.

I did previously read threads and mentions in reviews on this 'rotella 40 electric demolition/jack hammer' but was confused still but I think either of those shell 40s would be fine.

I think 15W-40 would work too, diesel or not. As linked, other more-known brands make dedicated 15w-40 for their chippers.

SAE 30 I already have should be good enough but yea for only $12 a gallon I can just get the SAE 40 is a bit thicker and since I don't think this thing will be burning through oil much I'll find a use for the left over SAE40 if I can only find a gallon.

this may be what confused me originally:


40 is machine weight not auto weight. Lots of different.
I use 10, 30, 60, and heavy weight. None are anything like auto weights.
Auto normally has chemicals that keeps gunk floating to be filtered out. Machines want it in the oil dump settle out.
#40 is semi thick.
An oil company will gladly sell you a gallon or maybe a quart.
I have 10 in a gallon and heavy weight there - 5 gallons of 30 and 60.
You can buy it directly as Shell oil or cross reference it at an oil company that is a wholesale type - bulk supplier...

^ made me think maybe this hammer wanted a non detergent oil which is rare these days and is basically meant to make the used oil gunk stick to the sidewalls of an engine before oil filters were introduced, but he says it's meant to dump contaminants/gunk out (of course) but seemed to contradict himself all at once. Someone replied the following but I was still confused and almost was gonna just put 75W-90 gear oil in it

Rotella IS engine oil. It IS a detergent oil, and it IS rather thick. In actual fact,#40 Rotella is VERY close to the same "thickness" as Shell Spirax #90 gear oil at normal room temperature.

I don't think it will shorten lifespan of tool drastically if I put the completely wrong oil in there, and it probably does matter ambient temperature too but whatever I'll get the rotella 40 or any sae40 and preferably diesel if I can find it in a quart on my way past the store.
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come to think of it, multi weight (15W-40 or 5W-40) might be better because even with the little knowledge of oil I have, I would think a multi weight would be needed if using it in mid summer and also Fall or possibly winter. I think the Chinese manual is just something they kinda jotted down with not much care. Hence the better known brands have little bottles of 15W-40 I linked before.

I'm just gonan get whatever qt of 15W-40 I can find, diesel or not.
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edit, here, done, Walmart
Shell Rotella T4 Triple Protection 15W-40 Diesel Engine Oil, 1 qt $4.66
will meet free shipping with other stuff I have to get anyway.

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