Handheld blower-sputters & dies


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Handheld blower-sputters & dies

Craftsman handheld leaf blower (mod. 358.794743)...

Starts easily, and runs fantastic...for about 3 minutes. Then surges, sputters...and dies. If I let it cool down for a few hours, will start and run again, but same result.

New carb, fuel lines, fuel filter, and plug. Exact same results...so we can rule those out.

Someone had suggested the spark arrestor, but unfortunately, this muffler is sealed (welded) shut. So if it's the spark arrestor, it will mean a new muffler.

Must have something to do with it getting warmed up, 'cause it runs awesome for those first few minutes.


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Check to be sure the cylinder bolts are tight.
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Check that the fuel cap is venting properly. Have a good one. Geo
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Thanx guys!

I wondered about vapor-lock...but it does it even with the cap off.

I'll need to disassemble it some more to rule out the cylinder bolts, but from what I can check, they seem tight.

But it's got to be something along those lines, i.e. something affected by heat.

Wracking my brain.....

Any other thoughts?

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Craftsman Sputters and dies

Magneto.... got one in the basement, same thing. After it gets warm, and dies, immediately remove the spark plug and ground it to the block with a premade jumper wire. Pull the cord and see if it fires across the plug. Or take it to a service center and have them put it on a mag tester

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