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My brother owns a Yamaha 350 Warrior four wheeler.
The oil drain plug is seized and he needs to know what he can try.
The case and the plug are both believed to be aluminum.
Can heat be used? If so, what precautions should be taken?
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Try drilling into the plug and then removing it. If you mess up the threads, you can tap new ones most likely. Is it stripped or stuck?

If you really mess up the threads, then go to the auto parts store and get the rubber push-in drain plugs from Dorman/Motormite and put them in place of the metal one. Buy a strip of 'em, and change them every oil change .

Good luck.
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Hello: Nooner

Joe has offered you some good advice and an idea for an alternate replacement oil plug.

Although I do not want to insult you nor anyone, have you considered the possibility the plug could be counter threaded? Granted, not likely but possible.

If the head of the plug is rounded off too much, drilling into it and removing it with an easy out may be another possibility.

If you do manage to unscrew it out, cleanup the pans threads with an item called a "Thread Chaser." These are available in both US and Metric threads and are at all auto parts stores.

Good Luck,
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