Homemade Extended Fuel Tank Craftsman 2000w generator


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Homemade Extended Fuel Tank Craftsman 2000w generator

Iím wanting to make an extended fuel tank for a champion 2000w inverter generator.

Let me know if I have this correct:

From what I understand to do this it requires a sealed gas cap for the main tank. Iíve found that for $20 with the brass nipple fitting. Then I need fuel hose which I can get from the parts store. Then I need an extra tank which Iím wanting to use a 6 gallon gas can. Iíll need to buy an extra gas cap for the extra tank. Then Iíd put a hose through it into the extra gas can. Iíd then have a vent hole in that extra can. When the generator uses fuel and itís tank goes lower it should create a vacuum which should suck the fuel out of the extra tank into the main tank.

Does that sound correct?

Would the extra tank need to be above, below, or same height as the main tank? Does that matter?

Is it ok to use a gas can?

Anything else I need to consider?

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Hi MathDude,

I'm not gonna touch this one as far as telling you how to do it. Rather, I'd like to talk you out of that idea. Way too much to go wrong here, too much risk and not likely to work properly. If I wanted more fuel capacity, I'd find a suitable tank with a proper vent and fuel line barb and connect it to the generator. Preferably with a shutoff valve and fuel pump so that if a leak develops somewhere, it doesn't leak many gallons of fuel everywhere unattended.
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I think that generator has a float type carburetor. That means the tank must be located higher than the carburetor so fuel can flow by gravity.

I wouldn't mess with the existing fuel tank. I would completely drain it. Then open the case and remove the fuel line to the carburetor. Get another longer piece of fuel line and route it up and out of the generator's housing. You may need to drill a hole. Then get a outboard motor portable fuel tank and quick disconnect fittings.

When you need to use the generator take it outside and set the fuel tank on a bench or table nearby to hold it above the generator. The quick disconnect fittings will make it easy to separate the fuel tank and generator so you can carry each individually.
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Thanks. I like that idea. Youíre right. It has a float type.

I have an old stainless box fuel tank that was used in one of our trucks years ago. The truck is junk now. I think it will be perfect.

I like the quick disconnect fittings idea also.

Once itís done Iíll post pics and let yíall know how it works.
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Have you considered converting to propane or natural gas?
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I decided not to do anything to it until after warranty is out. Iíll come back on here in a year...

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