Craftsman Lawn Mower


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I have a 5 year old Craftsman lawn mower. It runs great when cutting the lawn on a flat surface. As soon as I cut the lawn uphill it dies. Any suggestions?
It restarts easily enough, but dies as soon as I cut uphill again!
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Sounds like the float is moving around and choking it out.

Does it do it on an incline irrespective of how much fuel is in the tank at the time?
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Craftsman Lawn mower

It dies even with a full tank of gas. Is there an easy way to prevent the float from moving around? Runs great with good cutting power on a flat surface!
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What is considered uphill? Must be one super high incline you have there...haha

Joe may be correct. What he means by moves around is the float doesn't actually move around but it floats up and down within the carbs fuel bowl.

The float is mounted on a pin. The float pivots on this pin. If the amount of up and downwards movement is restricted, either by the pin or by the float itself, etc. the fuel bowl may not be filling up fully. Especially if the fuel tank is mounted behind the engine.

Therefore, a restriction could be not allowing enough fuel to flow forwards, as the mower begins to climb the hill. Make sense? Hope so.

A fuel flow restriction can also be in the fuel tank itself or anyplace between the tank and the carb. Best suggest is to remove the fuel hose at the carb and check the fuel flow rate both with the mower level and again with the mower tilted upwards.

If the fuel flows equally as well both ways, suspect the carbs float to be the problem. Of course this is all speculation based on the information you have provided.

There could be other possibilities based upon horsepower, selfpropelled unit, air filter condition, engine settings and engine loads, etc.


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