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i have a mtd riding mower about 10-13 yrs old and it is 11 horsepower

the shifter moves freelyup and down from 2-6 and is very stif from 1-2 and park notic works fine but it is stuck in what i belive is secound gear i can put it in any gear but it stays in secound

what can i do to fix this
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Hello: stankulas

It's possible there is an internal problem within the gear box that would require it be removed and disassembled. If so, be sure the parts are available prior to attempting any repairs due to the age of the machine.

You may need to check the linkage between the shifter and the gearbox. If it's a cable linkage, chances are the condition could be corrected by either re-adjusting the linkage or replacing the cable.

Same applies to solid linkage. Be sure solid rod linkage is adjusted correctly and free of rust, debris etc. that may cause binding, rod flex, bowing or bending and movement restrictions etc.

Cables do stretch over time causing the adjustments to change slightly but often times just enough to effect shifting changes. Also check for full movement of the cable. There may be rust, etc. within the cable housing preventing it's full movement.

Check the clips which secure the cable to the frame. If they are loose, the cable will flex and not move the internal wire but the shifter will move.

You may want to try disconnecting the cable and manually moving the linkage to see if the gearbox changes gears. If it does, it's the cable. If not, the problem is within the gearbox.

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