MTD snowblower doesn't move.


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Question MTD snowblower doesn't move.

Hello everyone. I have a 15 year old MTD 11HP snowblower which doesn't move eventhough Ive changed all the belts. It was working fine except that the belts were worn. When the engine idle's everything appears normal
as the pulleys in the main drive are turning. When I engage the lever for the main drive , all the pulleys stop rotating and the blower doesn't move as the friction wheel doesn't engage. Ive checked the placement of the belts and cables and it appears ok. I fear that I may had loosened something ??Any ideas at this point will be appreciated as I just don't see the issue.
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The friction wheel must contact the drive disc to move the wheels, Adjust the linkage on the friction wheel or replace it(could be worn beyond adjustment). With the engine running and the wheel drive lever in the no drive position, the drive disc should not be spinning. If it is, you have the drive belt on the wrong side of the belt tensioning pulley. Does the augar drive operate properly?
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Thanks mate, thats exactly what happened. went and checked and I had the belt placed on incorrectly around the central pulley causing some slack. Heck what a stressful day. Thank you so much !!!

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