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I have a Yazoo riding lawn mower with a 12 hp industial briggs. It will not start. It seem to have great compression and the starter is fine. I poured gas into the carb and it backfired. I changed the spark plug and I saw that it was getting a good spark, I was wondering could it be the timing and how do I check this and correct it? What else could it be? What could I try and how do I do it?
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Hello and Welcome Cottonman to the Do It Yourself Web Site and my Small Engine forum. My company no longer services nor repairs lawn and garden power equipment. However, the help I can offer you is based upon my prior years in this industry with this type of equipment.

My first suggestion is to check the flywheel shear key. If the flywheel has sheared this pin/key, the flywheel will still rotate but not be in correct timing with the piston.

In the situation stated above, there will be a spark at the spark plug. However, that spark will not happen at the correct time based upon the cycle the piston is in. Backfiring will then occur.

If your positve this condition does not apply to your machine after checking the flywheel, you can update this posting with further information by click the reply button. Doing so will then keep this thread posting active and hopefully myself or another can offer you additional help.

Another point that needs mentioning, flywheel keys do not break and or flywheels do not rotate off position on the crankshaft unless something is hit causing the blades or engine to come to an abrupt halt. Like hitting a solid stationary object usually of significant size.

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did u leave gas in the mower from last yr? have it ran at all this yr? Start with the breakdown and cleaning the carb sound like a vanish,clog up jets,which require soaking in carburetor solvent. your idler setting is 1-1/2from seat.
high which is under the bowl is 1-1/2 from seat.air screw mixture if there is one is about 1 turn to get started,from there you fine tune with blades, or a load on engine, keep ear tune for ruffness an smoothness of engine you want in the middle,
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yazoo not starting up

I did check the fly wheel and it is fine. I will soak the carb and see if that will help. This is the first time time year I tried it, and it did run great last year. Thank you all for answering so fast. This is a red rider model.

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