wizard lawnmower briggs and statton engine


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im having problems with my lawnmower not cranking , its not even making a noise when i turn the key over.ive replaced the battery,ignition switch,and silinoid switch also i found out the fuse was blown,which was probably my problem to start with but now when i turn the switch it blows the fuse. what can i do??
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Hello sleeper

With all that you have already done and the fuse continues to burn out each time you attempt to start the engine, it's a good possibility the starter motor has an internal short.

I would now suggest that you have that starter motor checked by any local electric motor repair shop. You can find these types of shops listed in the phone book.

Next item it could likely be is the ignition switch. Same condition may apply here that could be in the starter motor.

You'll also have to check every wire associated with the ignitions starting system. Check every connection point and each terminal for a grounding which shouldn't be grounded.

While you doing that, also check each wire that may have contact with metal. Look for damaged or frayed wires. Electrical tape wrap any you find.

I hope I have offered you enough information to help solve this problem. I certainly think so... However, it all needs to be done and this is exactly what we get paid dearly for...solving customers electrical problems...

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have checked everything so far up until starter motor havent found anything yet so far but will go back and recheck again. thank you for helping. i think it would be easier to go buy a new mower.haha. but definatly not cheaper.

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