Lawnboy Silver pro series mower ?


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Lawnboy Silver pro series mower ?

I picked up this mower knowing that it started when it wanted to and that it leaked gas. I know little about 2 cycle mowers. It is a model 10323. Gas was running out somewhere on the bottom and on the blade. It is not gas line as they are dry. There must be a float in carb? How would it come out bottom and onto the blade? Any suggestions on where to look or why it starts hard or not at all. I see no visible gas on the deck? What is the box with the cover plate on the underneath side of mower that has 4 bolts that hold the cover on. Just looking for a little help on what to look for and where to start Thanks for the help
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The carb is leaking gas into the crankcase and it's running out the crankshaft seal. You'll need to find out if the float is sticking or the needle is bad or what's causing it.
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I will pull the carb and check it out. But while I was messing with it. I checked to see if there was spark with a spark tester and I held the bar on the handle to release the flywheel brake and pulled it over without plug and did not get a spark. Dont think there is a kill switch or anything?
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Those Duraforce engines are known to have coils go bad in them. I have that exact same mower and have replaced my coil twice since 2008. When they run they run like a scalded dog but they will have their quarks. Coils, carburetor rebuilds and jets that are too small. The jets can be upgraded. I can't recall of top of head the briggs part number but a search here will find it.

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