Looking for suggestions for Lawn Mower


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Looking for suggestions for Lawn Mower

My wife and I recently bought a new home. We have a new seeded lawn (patchy, but it's coming in nicely) and it's come time to find a new lawn mower. (I had a John Deere rear wheel drive push mower which we left behind when we sold our old house.)

The question comes in the need for something to take on a steep hill. it's got a 20% grade. (checking 30 foot run rises 6 feet)

Though I've read that a steep hill may require a walk behind mower, I'm reaching that point where I may not be able to take on such a hill (Turned 66 this year) and this makes me turn to a riding lawn mower.

I will need something to take on the hill and my budget is about $1200 - 1500.
Looking for any and all recommendations and reasons for same.

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Are you committed to mowing your own lawn? Now would be the perfect time to turn the job over to a neighborhood kid.
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How big is the property?

I mow 1 acre with a walk behind 48" mower and it takes me about 45 minutes. Most of the neighbors use zero turn but the walk behind, although being a complex machine to operate, does a much better job of cutting due to light weight and agile performance!
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I don't know of a riding mower in that price range that will work. You may need 4wd or at least a differential lock to reliably climb the hill especially if the grass is wet. I have a riding mower that can handle hills like that sideways but it's been specially ballasted for hills and is nowhere near your budget.

I have rental properties and have to take care of the lawns when they are vacant. For many years I did the mowing myself but the past couple years I've let a lawn mower service do it. Depending on the property it costs me $25-$45 per mowing.
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@Stickshift: Retired, fixed income. Not sure i can afford it.

@Pilot Dane: More the information I was looking for. Not sure if there is a mower to handle it. sigh
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I have a basic Husqvarna 48"(?) and when i try to dip down over a little slope I have ended up dragging the back of the machine sideways to find some traction to get back to level. And I mean "little" slope and that is with no wet grass. I use a walk behind to clean up what I can't get with the rider and i prefer front wheel drive as I can tip the machine to stop the traction when turning or pulling backwards.

As a note in regards to turning 66, keep doing everything you can for as long as you can. Nothing tales you downhill faster than doing less.

Maybe I've been lucky but walk behind mowers have been almost maintenance free I've spent more on fixing that Husqvarna than I spent to buy my last walker and I do most repairs.

Pick up a walk behind and start putting money aside for a top line rider but get the exercise now while you can.

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