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What causes a float carberator to overflow when valve from gas tank to carberator is turned to the open position. The engine has been sitting unused for a year or more. I have seen this before and seem to remember just cleaning the carberator with cleaner and reassembling to get it to stop.

Thank you.
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Hello: Celltician

Your exactly correct. It's the carb.

What happens is the fuel in the bowl evaporates and the float drops. When the float is lowered the needle also comes out of the seat. This action allows the fuel to flow into the bowl.

Once the fuel in the bowl lowers and then dries out, the float gets stuck in the down position or needle gets stuck in the lowered position from gum/vanish and or rust.

When you add fresh fuel after that long a period of time, the float cannot raise up, push the needle up and the carb bowl overflows.

Therefore, the only cure is to remove the carb, disassemble it, clean it out and ALL the ports too, reassemble with a new carb kit and reinstall on engine.

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Thumbs up float

check the float by shaking or moving back and forward for fliud in float ,if so the float is bad replace,
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Thank you.

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