Diesel generator temperature


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Diesel generator temperature


I just purchased this new 10kw Chinese generator Diesel Engine,Gasoline Engine, Construction Equipment,Changzhou Koop Power Machinery Co., Ltd

This brand is also sold in Australia, Vietnam and Thailand. So hope this one is a decent quality.

I use lightings and 3 (1hp) aircon. Sometimes 4.

I'm located in Myanmar. I never have experience with 2 Cylinder Water-cooled engine.

I am using coolant and 15w40 oil. Temperature is about 75C to 82C depending on the load. I would like to know if this is normal for this type of generator or is to too hot? I think it will shutdown at 98C according to their manual.

Just want some advice and things to watch out regarding the temperature and genset.

Thanks in advanced!
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Just want some advice and things to watch out regarding the temperature and genset.
Maybe it's just me but rather than ask a bunch of folks that probably do not own one, maybe just contact the manufacturer with related question?
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Those temperatures sound good. 180f (82c) is the top of the range but it is in the acceptable range. The warning temperature warning light for some of my diesel equipment comes on at 195f (90c).
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I agree with Dane. Since that's a two cylinder water cooled engine..... the thermostat should keep the temperature fairly steady. Make sure to keep the end open where the fan is for maximum airflow.

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