Chute Clog Problem


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Chute Clog Problem

I have a Simplicity Landlord tractor with the original 44" three spindle deck. Our field is really thick this year with clover and hay. When I cut it the cut grass it hangs up on the stiffener rod on the bottom side of the discharge chute. I have to turn off the blades, get off the machine, and pull the grass clumps out of the discharge chute. When the field was mostly long spiky weeds I didn't have this problem but mowing has changed the mix of what grows. On this last mowing I probably had to unclog the deck a few hundred times. Not fun.

The deck is in very good condition and nothing is bent, broken or missing. There's just too much biomass for the deck to deal with. I was wondering if I could just hack saw out the stiffener rod so the exiting grass wouldn't have anything to hang up on. If that leaves the deck too weak I was thinking I could have a shop make up a sturdy upside down U that I could bolt on from the outside of the deck.

Has anyone faced this same problem? How did you solve it?
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Have you tied the safety chute cover back so that it's wide open? That can sometimes prevent clogging. Other than altering the deck, you could just raise the deck up higher or cut the grass more often!
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Have you replaced the blades, I had a similar problem with a Wheelhorse, the blades I used were the wrong ones , not enough pitch to through the grass out of the chute.
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I have to agree with X on this one. Raising the blade is the proper procedure. Even just cutting a regular lawn if the grass is to thick from growth it takes two passes with a raised deck to properly cut the lawn. Due to the excessive amount of rain, I've had to keep my riding mower blades raised above normal.
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As someone has already said, make sure the blades are high lift. Another approach is to cut the grass without the catcher attached. After the cut grass has dried out somewhat (same day) go over the lawn with catcher installed. Also cutting more frequently will reduce possibility of chute getting blocked.

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