Lawnmower Wants to start


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When I try to start my "One Pull" craftsman lawnmower it begins to start and then it dies. It does this consistently like it is getting flooded out or not getting enough fuel for more than one cycle.

I believe I have spark, compression, and fuel - the 3 major factors for combustion engines.

Any suggestions?

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Thumbs up mower won't continue to run

dirt in bowl,loosen bowl nut drop and clean,there is a small hole in nut clean with tag wire,{trashbag tie} drain old fuel start with fresh fuel. reassembler.
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Hello: epacker

Missing a factor...AIR...haha...check the filter.

Clarencce offers some good tips but:

Before taking anything off or loosening anything,
try checking that the automatic choke is closing.

Also consider it's possible the choke may not be opening after starting.

Check the vent cap. May have a restricted or plugged breather hole.

Check within the archives of this forum for other possibilities also.

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