Bolens Arctic 75 revival

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Bolens Arctic 75 revival

Hi DIY'ers

So 2-3 years ago, someone gave me a Bolens Arctic 75 snowblower; It appears to be in good physical condition; Have not even considered trying to start the engine until I've had time to replace the oil, plus the gas line is severely cracked. Also, the lever that controls transmission is stuck. Probably all to do with not being used for 3+ years. The previous owner said it worked last time he tried. Like I said, it cost me absolutely nothing.

So my questions are:

1) looking around, this unit is probably from the 60s/70s, and one of the few Bolens made by Ariens. Can anyone confirm or deny that?

2) Before I get myself into anything costing cash, what's the best way of testing to see if the engine & transmission are going to work?

3) This unit is apparently a beast in the snow; Again, does anyone have knowledge of this machine?

4) I've been looking around for a link to a manual for it, without success. And again, wondering if the community has a link either to the manual, or to purchasing same?

5) Finally, is this worth my effort? I love fixing/tinkering. But I also like that there is some value to my tinkering lol !

Many thanks! Have a great weekend!!
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Just search for
Bolens Arctic 75 snowblower
. There's a snowblower forum that should come up with the links you need.

As far as being cost effective to restore the snowblower, you'll have problems with parts. But if you like doing it and being the only one on the block with one of those, you have to weigh it all in.

That apparently would have a Tecumseh engine and with the year of mfg. would have the point/condenser ignition. If you have trouble with spark go under the flywheel for those parts.
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Typical of what you run into when working on older machines, the internet didn't exist in those days so it sometimes take a little more effort, but you improvise and overcome. I agree with Bob, looks like probably a Tecumseh engine, possibly an HH70 to be specific, but you'll have to find the numbers on the engine to be sure. I've never been a fan of Tecumseh engines, but had very reliable ones on a Bolens lawn tractor and Ariens tiller, both of that era and both very reliable, so certainly can't be critical. I guess that if I were in your shoes the first thing I would look at is the bearing blocks where the auger mounts, not that they can't be replaced because I've overhauled a few snowblowers for others, but sounds like you're trying to get it going as inexpensively as possible and that's one thing you might be able to inspect on a visual basis. After that though, I don't think you're going to know much about the transmission, other than worn belts, until you get the engine running. Cracked fuel lines on something that old are not uncommon, but could be an indication that the machine sat outdoors, so it could be that rust and/or water in the transmission could be concerns. I would definitely drain the fuel tank and lines, change the oil, check and possibly replace the spark plug, and remove and clean the carburetor. Then you're ready to put some fresh gas in it and see what you get. The only thing I can tell you for certain, if it does in fact turn out to be an HH70, is that the compression release is an integral component of the camshaft, so if it wants to jerk the rope out of your hand you're possibly looking at an engine overhaul including a relatively expensive camshaft.

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