Husqvarna leaf blower won't start after carb clean

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Husqvarna leaf blower won't start after carb clean

Greetings, all.

This is an Husqvarna 125B leaf blower. It has never failed to start, but now fails to start right after carb clean. I cleaned the carb because it kept bogging down under full throttle.

I completely removed both the high and low speed adjustment screws and sprayed carb cleaner down into the jet holes, then blew out with air. Also cleaned gently with a set of the small engine wire brushes. Replaced both carb screws, screwed them in fully (gently), then backed them out around 2 complete turns each. The blower was warm/hot when I did all this as I had just run it.

The blower makes zero attempt to start on full or half choke and I've tried different adjustments. What did I do wrong? Is there a certain amount of turns of the screws that I can try to make this thing start? I can adjust it once it starts.


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would try 1.5 - 2 turns out would probably pull plug and see if its wet may need to dry it and remove excess fuel from cylinder by pulling it over a few times with the plug out before retrying to start it.
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I gave up trying to clean or rebuild Carbs on small engines. Usually can find a whole tuneup kit with carb under 25$ on EBay or Amazon.
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When you go the route of cleaning the carb you have to remove, dismantle, and clean everything. On the older carbs you need to replace all the gaskets and diaphragms.

A lot of guys just get a kit and replace the carb, lines, and filter to be done with it.
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All's well that ends well. I let it sit overnight and at 1.5 turns out on both screws, it fired up and ran rough. After tuning it, it runs well now. Maybe it was flooded or the carb cleaner needed to dissipate.

So I'll post the carb screw settings here in case anyone has the same blower, but please know it may vary. I find it easier to count quarter turns with the spline tool, as the handle is square.

Husqvarna 125B hand-held blower: (spline tool needed)

Turn low and high speed carb screws all the way in clockwise, till gently seated. Do not crank down.

Low speed (right screw) = 8 quarter turns counter-clockwise (2 turns)
High speed (left screw) = 5.5 quarter turns counter-clockwise (1.375 turns)

Set idle screw left/right as needed (phillips head).

Thanks for all the help
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Check out your gaskets

Look at your gaskets to ensure you aren’t blocking the hole that leads to the impulse. If your intake gasket got put on backwards or not at all this pressure won’t get to the carb, it’s what causes it to pump gas.

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