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is it possible to clean a old carb. and what would i use. it looks like the gas it went so bad that it turn to a white dust the bowl is fulled of it and it smells like old gas. is it possable for gas to do that. i dont now how long it was siiting. it looks like a long time. what is the best way too unstink a exaustvalve that is sticking a litle. it is a kohler engine model no. k 90 if that helps any.
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Hello pjmii

Yes. Old carbs can be cleaned internally using canned automotive aerosol carb cleaner. Check the archives within this forum for other postings on this exact topic for instructions and safety warnings etc.

You'll also most likely need to install a new carb rebuild kit. best idea if you have never rebuilt a carb. The kits include pictures and instructions.

Freeing a stuck valve try soaking the entire area with WD-40 several times. Light tapping with the back end of a screwdriver oftens helps to jar parts loose.

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is there anything that i can soak the carb. in to clean it up . all of the carb cleaner i use in the past i would take i long time for my to clean it up. it is in pretty bad shape. is there any tricks to unfreesing the floot pen on it . it don't look like it going to came out to easy.
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Hi: pjmii

Yes. There are gallon sized carb cleaners available at most auto parts stores. However, why you would want to spend the money for a one time useage of this hazardous and flammable product is beyond me.

Simply dismantle the carb, use the plastic extentsion supplied with the can of aerosol automotive carb cleaner, spray into every hole visable in the body of the carb.

Spray the outside of the carb prior to opening up the carb too! The can stuff works excellent for this also.

To loosen stuck part made of metal, like the float pin etc. use the carb cleaned first, then WD-40 it and allow it time to work. Float pins slide out.

The needle suspended from the tab on the float can be removed using only fingers if it doesn't just drop out or lift out with the removal of the float.

The entire process takes time, patients, dilagence, persistence, more time and lots more patients. I sense your in too much of a hurry....relax!

This is all the info I can offer you at this time and at this stage of the process. The tough part is yet to come.

For the time being...I am plumb out of tips and tricks.

Regards and Good Luck

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