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I have a small tecumseh engine [3-4hp] that i salvaged from an old mower. I took it apart to see what kind of shape it was in inside. It's all back together but when i try to start it will either do nothing or kick and rip the pullcord from my hand. I'm pretty sure that i got the timing right but it is the first time that i have took a tecumseh motor apart. Could it be something besides my timing or flyweel key or do i have to take it apart again? Any advice would help me out alot.
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Hello Junk-Man

Lacking an engine step by step service manual and a dial indicator, to measure the precise location of the piston before top dead center, timing is a trial and error affair. Tecumseh engines require that precision of a timing.

If your getting backfiring, which is causing the pull rope starter to recoil back, timing could be the problem.

Be advised, if your not already aware, the engine MUST have the blade installed on ALL rotary mowers. Vertical crankshaft engines, used on rotary mowers, use the blade as the additional flywheel. Not having the blade installed can cause engine damage, if the engine even does start at all.

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