Bonding a fuel line...ideas?


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I have an older "Ryan" string timmer that I picked up from my parent's neighbor. It runs fine, but the fuel line dry rotted and needed to be replaced. After replacing the line, the gas tank started to leak in the area the fuel line connected to it. Does anyone know of a bonding agent that I could use that's "not" effected by gasoline? I tried some "gasket in a tube" stuff, but the gas at through that in a matter of minutes.

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Hello: Glenn

There is an assortment of products that claim to make the type of repairs your seeking. These type of products are all available at local auto part stores.

Read and follow directions the labels on the products. Depending upon the material the fuel tank is made with, there will be a product that claims to stop fuel leaks on the external side of the tank.

DO NOT use any product that needs to be applied inside the tank nor apply any inside it. And do not expect any of these products to really work well, if at all, on power equipment such as small engines. Vibration is a the cause for failure among these products.

Best bet is to replace the defective or damaged part. The retail parts dealer for that brand can be called by phone at: 1-209-784-4102.

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"Tanks alot" :)

Two products I would try: JB Weld and Plumber's Epoxy (the kind where you rub the resin and hardener together inbetween your fingers).

You can try the latter as it is marketed as "gas tank repair" by Qualco and other vendors found in parts stores. As I recall the package is green and black.

However, by the time you spend all that green on chemicals, you could be half way torward buying a new tank, as Tom said. I don't think it can be that expensive.

Good luck.
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Good call guys. There's a rubber washer that may be failing. I'm going to remove the stuff I tried to seal it with and hunt for a washer at the hardware store.

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