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Storm responder 5500 generator won’t start. B&S engine


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Storm responder 5500 generator won’t start. B&S engine

I used this generator for Sandy and maby another storm a year or 2 later. Last year it wouldn’t start. Probably stale fuel? Since I never drained or added stabilizer.

tried starting again today, no luck, until I sprayed carb with starter fluid. Started up and ran for a few seconds. Wouldn’t stay running.

i then drained the old fuel and added fresh fuel. Same thing happened, would start for a few second, with starter fluid.

checked air filter, was clean. Assuming spark plug good since it started. Any suggestions? Could it just be starting from the starter fluid spray and not fuel from gas tank? When I drained the tank it flowed steadily out of the hose that I disconnected at the carb so I know that is not clogged. What about the carb itself?

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Yes, the engine is running on the starting fluid and dies when that is all burned up. Almost certainly the old fuel has left varnish in the carburetor, particularly the needle valves. You need to remove the carb, disassemble it, remove the jet or jets and clean them with a needle or pipe cleaner to remove any deposits that are on the small openings. While it's apart, I would suggest taking a spray can of Gumout (or equivalent) and spraying all of the internals to remove any varnish. Also pay attention to the needle valve that's connected to the float. If that's clogged, no gas will go into the fuel bowl.
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Remove, disassemble and clean the carburetor. If you find varnish in the bottom of the bowl is thick enough to be flaking off then I'd clean the inside of the fuel tank and replace the fuel line.
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Throw a new carb on that thing, I'd bet you dollars-to-donuts it's less than $20 bucks on Amazon.

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Storm Generator

I had a generator get missed on draining gasoline, and had the same result. I had to use vinegar and a screen door chain in the fuel tank MULTIPLE times to get the varnish loose and out of the tank. One chip of varnish in the float bowl inlet and you are done....
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