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I have a 25?? year old Craftsman 14" (poulan) chainsaw that has done nothing but run. About 10 years ago I replaced the fuel lines and tuned the carb (not rebuild). The last time I used it started having problems. It had been running for about 1/2 hour fine and all of the sudden at full throttle it started bogging down and finially quit. I would pull on it and it would fire easily but not run. I let it rest and the next day tried to fire it up again. After the initial fire with the full choke on I cut the choke off and pulled with full throttle. It fired and ran for about 3 seconds and died. It then would fire each time I pulled but not run. The gas is fresh and the spark plug has been cleaned.

Any ideas? I feel like it might need a carb rebuild but I wanted to ask another opinion.

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Hello and Welcome kingplatapus to the Do It Yourself Web Site and my Small Engine forum.

Lets first try a simply test. Keeping the machine level, fire it up without the fuel cap on and see what happens.

If the engines responses normally, the fuel caps vent hole is restricted or plugged. If the machine continues to display the same difficulties, check for any type of fuel restriction between the inside of the tank and the carb.

Another possibility could be a restriction within the carbs fuel flow system. One of the fuel ports within the carb may be clogged or restricted. Fuel bowl may have some gum deposits, etc.

It's always possible the ignition condenser is failing. could be burned up ignition points. Machines of this vintage had points and condenser ignition systems.

When the engine fails to run, remove the plug, reattach the ignition and ground the barrel side of the plug. Plug starter and check for ignition spark. If there isn't any, suspect the ignition system as the problem.

Yet another possibility could be a muffler or spark arrester restricted with carbon.

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look in the gas tank and see if theres a filter on the end of the gas pick up line. if there is replace it.
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This is a 6 year old thread.

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