Will 5hp be enough for my Roto-hoe

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Will 5hp be enough for my Roto-hoe

I have an old Roto-hoe rototiller with sbipper attachment.. The Tecumseh 8hp bit the dust. I have a Briggs & Stratton 5hp that I'm thinking of putting on it. Do you think it will still till a garden and chop up some branches?
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Yes for tilling, probably no for chipping.
You're getting 5/8 the power you had before, so you'll be essentially running the tiller at half-throttle.
For tilling, you'll just take almost twice as long to till a swath of soil.
Chipping is a bit different, you're cutting wood based on area, so you're looking at a ratio of square root of two, so you're only going to be able to chip wood that's 2/3 the size it could chip before.

Do the engines both have similar HP/RPM profiles? Often times the smaller motors run at a higher rpm, which gives the same horsepower as a larger motor, but generates MUCH less torque, and therefore is much easier to stall.
As an example, imagine a "towing contest" between a 1 cylinder 35hp 1955 John Deere tractor and a 2020 350hp Porsche 911
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How did the machine perform before with an 8 hp engine. If it was lacking for power then it will be much worse with only 5 hp. If it did OK before you can try the smaller engine but just know that you'll have to go easier/slower to account for the reduced power.

As for the engine swap you'll be OK as far as the rpm and torque. Small engines in that size range operate at about the same max rpm and have similar torque curves. My first look though would be at the output shafts of both engines and the bolt hole locations on the mounting pads.

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