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I have a toro 21" sp recycler lawnmower. It is a fine machine and we have had it for many years. The model # is 20219. It seems like the throttle speed is too low. I have read the manual and it states " when the throttle is adjusted the holes must be aligned in the throttle bracket and throttle lever" I have done this but no increase in speed is realized. How can I adjust the throttle speed.
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Hello: farhhampa

Maximum top speed {RPM} of any single cyclinder gasoline engine is 3600 Revolutions Per Minute. Above that speed the engine will only last a few hours at most prior to self distruction.

I tossed that in first because it's both a warning and advice. Without a tachometer there isn't any real way of knowing the true engine RPM's.

Therefore, it may seem and sound like the engine is running slow but in reality not be. I do not reccommend attempting to raise the engines RPM's nor adjusting the cable or linkage out of the manufacturers settings without a tachometer, even slightly faster.

My best advice for your personal safety and the life of the enigne is to have the engine speed checked and adjusted by a professional at a lawn mower shop.

Please understand that I have seen plenty of expensive power equipment completely distroyed by overspeeding the engine. I would not want this to happen to yours.

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Bare in mind my company no longer services nor repairs lawn and garden powered equipment. Rest assured and fully confident, the help I offer you is based upon my prior years in this industry, with this type of equipment and is specific and accurate to the best of my knowledge...
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Thanks Tom I will heed your advice

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